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Let us break it down for you...

What color comes to mind when you think of Target? What do you visualize when someone says “Starbucks”? Can you picture the Disney font? All of these are examples of successful branding — signature color schemes, fonts, logos, and other visual cues that help your brain identify a brand within milliseconds. Any successful business needs to hone its visuals and refine its brand identity to create corporate branding as instantly noticeable and iconic as these examples. Is your branding making an impact?


Studies have found that a consistent brand presentation across all platforms can increase company revenue by up to 23 percent. If you want to solidify brand awareness, you need to not only create a clear brand identity but also apply it across all online platforms and in-store displays. Creating a consistent visual representation across all of your corporate materials and social content can be a daunting task, but it’s a necessary one in order to stand out in an increasingly oversaturated marketplace.


TW Media makes it easy to nail down your brand identity and create cohesive content by providing you with a solid branding foundation. We’ll work one-on-one with your team to discuss your brand, your vision, your message, and much more. Once we have a thorough understanding of who you are, we’ll create a comprehensive 6-10 page branding guide that highlights everything your company needs to remain consistent in its visuals and key messaging.


Our custom branding guide includes:

  • Logo variations

  • Primary and secondary brand colors

  • Title and body fonts

  • Visual inspiration swatches

  • Content styles and examples

  • Brand story

  • Main talking points

  • ...and much more!


Whether you’re a new business looking to find a signature style or an established brand seeking a modern refresh, TW Media will help you create cohesive, high-quality content that stays true to your brand identity. To get started, contact us below and learn more about our personal and corporate branding services.


TW Media is an Orange County digital marketing agency founded by and for creatives. What started as a one-woman freelance gig has quickly turned into a strong team of 10 content creators from all over the media industry.


We know that creativity doesn’t happen within an eight-hour window; that’s why we create our own rules and work wherever and whenever you need us. By being present and human first and foremost, we’re able to better serve you and your brand in all of your digital marketing needs.

Some of our Clients

Bootlegger's Brewery | Toast Brea | Beauty Beach Lounge

Addiction Salon | Mimosas | Lucky Habanero | Alicia's Cookery

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