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Let us break it down for you...

Email marketing is one of the top growth strategies for e-commerce businesses. In fact, 87 percent of B2B marketers and 79 percent of B2C advertisers utilize email as a content distribution channel. Effective email marketing campaigns — whether newsletter, product, promotional, or transactional — will help engage prospects, drive traffic, convert sales, and retain customers, resulting in a consistently high ROI.


If you’re a small business with an email list that you don’t know what to do with, invest in email marketing. Each email is custom-designed with your branding in mind and drafted by professional copywriters that remain true to your brand voice. Each email is perfected using proven marketing strategies that will earn clicks and convert customers at a higher rate than virtually any other modern marketing strategy, print or digital.


TW Media’s team of professional photographers, designers, copywriters, and marketers will work with you to craft an email marketing campaign that drives ROI and catapults business growth. We know all of the latest email marketing trends, proven techniques, advanced technologies, and privacy laws that you need to deploy a scalable email campaign that is guaranteed to convert.


From planning to deployment, you’ll feel confident in your campaign every step of the way. We’ll handle design creation, copywriting, fulfillment, automation, analytics, and even list management. In a world where 92 percent of adults have email, you can’t afford to miss out on such a significant distribution channel.


If you need help crafting captivating and engaging emails optimized for results, contact us below to learn more about our comprehensive email marketing services.


TW Media is an Orange County digital marketing agency founded by and for creatives. What started as a one-woman freelance gig has quickly turned into a strong team of 10 content creators from all over the media industry.


We know that creativity doesn’t happen within an eight-hour window; that’s why we create our own rules and work wherever and whenever you need us. By being present and human first and foremost, we’re able to better serve you and your brand in all of your digital marketing needs.

Some of our Clients

Bootlegger's Brewery | Toast Brea | Beauty Beach Lounge

Addiction Salon | Mimosas | Lucky Habanero | Alicia's Cookery

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