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Let us break it down for you...

It takes 50 milliseconds for a consumer to form their first opinion of your website.


That’s 0.05 seconds. With such limited time to make an impression, you can’t afford to do anything less than wow them with your web design. 


Numerous studies have shown that most consumers base their shopping decisions on a website’s UI. Do they trust your company? Do you have credibility? Are your products worth their hard-earned dollar? All of these decisions are made in just a matter of minutes, if not seconds, based on how aesthetically pleasing and intuitive your website is.


At TW Media, we create bespoke websites that establish the best possible online presence for your business. Where other agencies use the same copy-and-paste templates for each client, we work closely with you to create a full-service design customized to your company’s unique brand voice and functional needs. We’ll handle every step of the process from initial design brainstorming to back-end development and launch. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters, and project managers know how to build a website that converts. 


We can build your website using the hosting service you’re most familiar with — whether that’s WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or WebFlow — so you’re confident in your ability to manage your site once we’re finished with it. All of our websites are optimized for mobile and can be integrated with e-commerce platforms for seamless online ordering directly from your site. 


If you want to generate more traffic, more leads, and more conversions with a website refresh, contact us below to learn more about our website development and design services.


TW Media is an Orange County digital marketing agency founded by and for creatives. What started as a one-woman freelance gig has quickly turned into a strong team of 10 content creators from all over the media industry.


We know that creativity doesn’t happen within an eight-hour window; that’s why we create our own rules and work wherever and whenever you need us. By being present and human first and foremost, we’re able to better serve you and your brand in all of your digital marketing needs.

Some of our Clients

Bootlegger's Brewery | Toast Brea | Beauty Beach Lounge

Addiction Salon | Alicia's Cookery | Lucky Habanero | Mimosas

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