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Let us break it down for you...

We live in an increasingly image-heavy world, where eye-catching designs and bold visuals are the differentiating factors between a stellar company and an okay one. Images are what consumers use to decide which companies to align themselves with and which to buy from. The old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” was created because that’s exactly what humans do by nature: make their purchasing decisions based on how effective the cover image is in selling it.

80% of small businesses rate graphic design as very important or moderately important to the success of their business. That isn’t unfounded; after all, social media posts that feature visual assets have a 650% higher engagement rate than plain text posts. The modern consumer has a shorter attention span than ever before and is being bombarded with more advertisements than ever before. This has created a need for instant information delivered through the most efficient means possible: images. How modern your website is, how cohesive your social media images are, and how sleek and recognizable your logo is are all significant ways that consumers judge your company in just a matter of seconds. If your website is out-of-date or your logo is clunky, consumers won’t hesitate to close your website and move on to someone with more modern, striking visuals. The images you use throughout every marketing medium, print or digital, are a direct reflection of not only your company’s brand identity but also your capabilities and competence.

TW Media will help you make an impactful first impression with custom graphic design services that cover everything from logo design to presentation decks. Whether you’re trying to draw customers to your new website or pitch yourself to a vendor, we’ll craft custom imagery that remains cohesive with your brand identity while elevating your perceived brand value and impressing customers within those precious first 10 seconds.

Our graphic design services include:

  • Logo design

  • Presentation decks

  • Business cards

  • Brochures

  • Posters

  • Social media graphics...and much more!

Whether you’re seeking eye-catching print materials to draw in new clients or dynamic social media content to help your page stand out, TW Media will help you create strong imagery that brings your vision to life and strengthens your brand identity. To get started, contact us below and learn more about our graphic design services.


TW Media is an Orange County digital marketing agency founded by and for creatives. What started as a one-woman freelance gig has quickly turned into a strong team of 10 content creators from all over the media industry.


We know that creativity doesn’t happen within an eight-hour window; that’s why we create our own rules and work wherever and whenever you need us.


By being present and human first and foremost, we’re able to better serve you and your brand in all of your digital marketing needs.

Some of our Clients

Bootlegger's Brewery | Toast Brea | Beauty Beach Lounge

Addiction Salon | NOC Sports | Lucky Habanero | Ouzo & Feta

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