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Let us break it down for you...

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. With billions of websites to filter through, Internet users rely on search engines to help them find the product, service, or information they need. In fact, search engine algorithms are so sophisticated that the vast majority of users — approximately 75% — stop searching after the first page. This means that unless you’re on the first page or two of Google, your website likely isn’t being found by the people who need it. How do you fix this? Search engine optimization, or SEO.


SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s content to help it rank higher in search engine results. The aim is to become an authority in your niche in the eyes of the search engine algorithm; if the algorithm believes you have valuable and relevant knowledge to offer the user, it will push your website to the top of the results. This authority is achieved through strategies such as publishing relevant content, updating that content regularly, linking to other content, utilizing keywords, and implementing an intuitive UX.


At TW Media, our talented team of SEO experts will help you generate more organic traffic to your website using SEO best practices customized to your business’ needs. More than just attracting visitors, we’ll attract the right visitors, maximizing conversions and reducing bounce rates. Our customer-focused SEO strategies are proven to increase online visibility, generate leads, and boost sales. From building your backlink portfolio to mapping content keywords, we’ll help build your audience and direct users toward your sales funnel.


Our custom SEO services can include:

  • In-depth website audit

  • Keyword research & strategy

  • Link building

  • Back end optimization

  • SEO-optimized, keyword-rich content

  • Results tracking and analysis

  • Monthly analytics reports

  • ...and more!


Organic search is undeniably a critical component of website performance and an essential part of any modern marketing strategy. If you want a top-rated agency with proven success delivering higher SEO metrics and conversion opportunities, look no further than TW Media. To get started, contact us below and learn more about our SEO services.

What We Do

Social Media Management | Brand Strategy | Influencer Marketing


Graphic Design | SEO | Websites | Paid Advertising

Videography | Photography | Copywriting | Email Marketing


TW Media is an Orange County digital marketing agency founded by and for creatives. What started as a one-woman freelance gig has quickly turned into a strong team of 10 content creators from all over the media industry.


We know that creativity doesn’t happen within an eight-hour window; that’s why we create our own rules and work wherever and whenever you need us. By being present and human first and foremost, we’re able to better serve you and your brand in all of your digital marketing needs.

Some of our Clients

Bootlegger's Brewery | Toast Brea | Beauty Beach Lounge

Addiction Salon | NOC Sports | Lucky Habanero | Ouzo & Feta

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