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A Rant on Passwords

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Not knowing what your passwords are or not having access to your social profiles is honestly ridiculous.

There have been one too many times where we get excited to start creating content for a new client and do all the work needed for a launch. We write the blogs, create the videos, design the graphics, put the calendar together only to find out - THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET INTO THEIR PROFILE.

“Well, one of the receptionists made our Facebook profile and they quit afterwards.”

“Can’t we just make a new one?”

“Well, can’t you just retrieve the password through my account? It’s my business.”

The answer to the last one is yes, I can, but I need to know which email the account is connected to!

People, we have to ask: do you give your passwords to login to your company's annual revenue calendar or to employee payroll to your hostess? How about your nurse? Intern? No, you don’t (or maybe you do and that’s why you can’t get into your business page).

Social media is your brand. It’s where you connect with your audience, answer questions and send clear messages about your business. Your brand is important to you, so why would you allow access to a random person who could possibly quit at any time or an intern who is only there for one semester? Your message and brand is your identifier - and reputation. You want someone you can trust to lead your brand.

And you know what? We don’t blame the person who quit, or the intern, or supervisor who should have gotten the password - we blame you. Yes you read that right, we blame you. This is your business, your brand and your reputation. Maybe you’re lazy - you didn’t want to deal with being in charge of your platform because, well, you just didn’t want to. Or maybe you don’t know how to use it. Social media can be intimidating. But either way, it just tells me you don’t care. We bet you do now.

If you haven’t noticed, social media is becoming more and more important to small companies. If you aren’t on social media, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of business.

“Well one of the receptionists made our Facebook profile and they quit afterwards.”

I hear this excuse the most, only, replace the receptionist with host, bartender, manager or the worst - intern. At least your host, bartender and manager understand and know your brand. How can an intern that works 3 hours a week possibly be able to create engaging content to an audience they most likely don’t know.

“Can’t we just make a new one?”

Well, duh. But now your content is gone, and now we can’t access the statistics you do have. Plus, having two accounts because you can’t hack into the old one looks unprofessional and can be confusing to your customers. Also - we charge extra to start an account from scratch. If you don’t have access to your sites, we have to hack into them or report them. Then we have to send items over like a bill proving this is your business. And if your business is already claimed, you might as well just cross your fingers Facebook will accept your report on copyright infringement so that they delete the entire page. By the way, when you try to get into the account, Facebook will send a message to the last person who had access - and you better hope it’s not a disgruntled employee. And after all of that, we start from scratch.

“Well can’t you just retrieve the password through my account? It’s my business.”

Read the previous paragraph.

So please, we beg of you. Buy a password book and keep track of every single one. Your brand will thank you.

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