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Reels, Lives and Stories - Video Content is Only Getting More Important

Video content isn’t just for TikTok. Almost all platforms make it easy to create short clips which is a great way to add engaging and fresh content to your brand’s account.

It can give an inside and interactive look to your followers, while making for original ways to promote your brand, instead of only stagnant photos on your account.

We’re going to share tools and tips for each Instagram feature you can use to your advantage. Think of it as your triple threats: Stories, IGTV, and Reels. Incorporating these into your regular feed is going to set you apart from the competition while keeping your followers’ (and potential customers’) eyes on you!


The fastest way to grow your account? Reels! Posting them, engaging with them, saving music, WACTHING THEM. Instagram Reels is the best way to find a new audience, fantastic creators and new communities.

But like all things on social media, consistency is key.

Make sure you’re following the Instagram @creators account for THE trends and updates on how to use all of Instagram’s features! You bet all marketers do - it’s how we learn about these new features and how to use them first.

The best advice when it comes to Instagram Reels? Start watching and interacting with them, then give it your best shot. It’s not just about creating a trend - you’ll find that there are so many ways to share. Take a look!


Instagram Stories are a sure way to grow your following and eventually profit from this essential tool.

Stories are an easy way to reach a new audience.

Staying consistent online is easy when you utilize this feature. Instagram Stories has “stickers” which allow for you to add music, create polls and other fun ways to interact online - making call to action (CTA) simple!

Need more CTA samples? Check out our FREE guide here.

Stories only stay on your profile for 24 hours, easy to find because they’re on top of your fees and also makes it easy to stay seen.

Again, consistency is key!

A connection with your audience every 24 hours will better serve your business and brand as a powerful marketing tool. Host a flash sale, share behind the scenes, give a tip of the day - make your Instagram Story content EXCLUSIVE.


Lives are so important for some real time, candid moments to share with your audience. As a business owner, sharing events you host or promotional days and anything exciting in between via Live stream, will get your followers to get a feel for a personable and real side of your business, and in turn, more of a following/clientele.

Some suggestions:

Read the Room: If you share a Quiz, Question, or Poll on your Stories, this is a good way to keep your audience engaged to lead up and tune in to your Live to share the answers to any of the above, while keeping your audience interested, share your content to their own accounts and presenting yourself as an expert!

Try teasing your Instagram Lives in your Stories, with time, date, and engaging stickers, so that your audience is ready when you are!

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